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Stephen Colbert is a comedian and actor, also a writer. At the beginning of the year 2017 last January, he had announced that he would run for President of the United States. It says while filling the show CBS in Russia. He is also believed to guide the prestigious Emmy Awards 2017 event.

Also known as: Stephen Colbert

Birth Name: Stephen Tyrone Colbert

Birth Place: Washington, D.C., United States

Birth Date/Age: 1964 May 13

Occupation: Actor

Nationality: American

Father : James William Colbert, Jr.

Mother : Lorna Elizabeth Colbert

Spouse/Wife : Evelyn McGee-Colbert (Married. 1993)


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Stephen Colbert

Dixon Talent

375 Greenwich Street, 5th Floor

New York, NY 10013, USA

Phone number: (212) 965.4666

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23 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert

  1. Why are you always attacking people for their physical attributes? You may think you are funny, I find you pathetic. And also most viewers could care less about your political views so stay out of politics and try to learn how to be funny again. I think you cencored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Why don’t you ask the same of Donald? He’s the current King of “attacking people for their physical attributes”. I give you a “thumbs down”.

  2. Re ‘D/T’s tweet of yesterday 21/03, Re’ Comey, he tweets that Comey is a SHADEY character.A 10 year old would know that it’s spelt SHADY.( tweets are done by D/T himself, so this can’t be blamed on somebody else)This coming from a self-professed genius! Ha Ha.This genius is a disgrace to the great country America.When he appears on TV the viewers tend to laugh, such is his standing abroad.This Bugger is nuts surely there is a better, more moral person to be POTUS. Please use this as ‘grist to your mill’.After this serial sex abuser became POTUS it has been Sex, Sex all the way.Fox news has been renamed FUCKS NEWS and their chief newscaster is FU…R Carlsen.
    The White House news chief is Sarah.Fu..erBEE. Is it possible? Yes do it carefully or you may get stung.please use these in your show

  3. So, foolish D/T supporters want him nominated for the Nobel prize! This seems to be an obvious put up job by paid actors. Many of those shouting Nobel, Nobel I am sure don’t know what it stands for.Trump should of course win hands down the Nobel Prize for Sexual abuse of women.What a bloody Sharade

  4. You are a total idiot when trump is all through I wish you would have to publicly apologize for what you have said…….Jack Knight Fairfield Montana

  5. Thank God for our President and the United States. If it wasn’t for Donald Trump you wouldn’t have anything to talk about. A very poor excuse for entertainment.

  6. Dear Stephen:
    Here’s something for you and your writers to consider:

    Donald Trump is the highest ranking Russian “mole” in the US Government.

  7. Dear Mr. Colbert,
    I don’t think the pres. will qualify for an Ig Nobel prize either. Cant we just call him MR president or maybe MR P. for short I am tired of hearing the word that is used in trick taking card games every single day for the past 2 years. not a single day has passed without that word coming up. Well if you can go a whole day without saying the “T ” word You and a guest can come to dinner at our house. Just let me know if you make it and we can set a date .

  8. Dear Stephen, you are right on the mark! We look forward every night to watching your show. It’s too bad that the audiences (and Jon) rarely understand what you are saying…

  9. Why are my comments being censored? All I’ve said is that Stephen is right on the mark and that his audiences (and Jon) don’t understand most of what he’s saying.

  10. From an avid fan to a disappointed rarely watcher, I am grieved by how you’ve changed. Your continuous bashing of Trump is grossing me out – even though I’m not fond of Trump myself. Your trashing of his family is beyond disgusting! From always watching you to being barely able to stand you? Wow!

  11. Stephen Colbert is brilliant, he is funny, he is gorgeous and he is, hands down, the bravest man in America. His cutting edge humor appeals to intelligent people which, of course, leaves out the Trump voters. Not to worry, however. Trump voters are not watching The Late Show because they are too busy slobbering over their cheeseburgers and buckets of greasy chicken.

  12. Trump needs to be labeled like he labels his “victims.” Maybe that would bring a hint of sanity to him. I think “Comrade Pinocchio the Lying King” fits perfectly with this FAKE POTUS.

  13. Joke on Kavanaugh Nomination.
    It has just been disclosed that Brett Kavanaugh had a closet full of various costumes that he wore when invited to bachelorette parties.

  14. Thoroughly enjoy your show,especially the way you rip on Tr’ump every night. I say throw the Rumpster in the dumpster with rest of the trash where he belongs.However I am curious about why you zoom in on the drummer every night right before your monologue. Why the preferential treatment? Is he a relative…perhaps your nephew? Does’nt seem fair to the rest of the band members.

  15. Dear Sir: Earlier this week you had Whoopi Goldbergh (spelling?) as your guest and she gave you a Christmas sweater with 3 deer on it. All three had antlers and you joked that they had to a;; be males because of that fact. However, being Christmas, they were undoubtedly reindeer, and female reindeer often grow antlers themselves (though normally smaller than the males). Just thought you should know.

    Sincerely, Larry (an old man that loves correcting people)

  16. I like your show and my family and friends agree that trump acts lIkea baby when he doesn’t get his way and he lies to the American people about everything like north korea

  17. You think Chicago is cold now. You should have been with me in 1979 when I was going to John Marshall Law School. After the Blizzard of Jan. 1979 all the streets were impassable. Buses could not run. Everyone had to take the L-train into town. I lived on Wilson street and by the time the L-train arrived it was packed full. So the only way for me to get to school was to ride on the outside of the train on the little step outside the train car. It was already bitter cold but you add 40mph train winds to that I was frozen by the time I got to school. I made it. Got my Degree and frostbite to boot. I love to hear someone top that “Cold Chicago” story. Ron

  18. Mr Colbert. I am from Melbourne Australia. Please tell me I am having a nightmare that Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America! It s not true, is it???????

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