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Michael Keaton address
Michael Keaton

American actors of this career since the year 1976 on television series in the United States. Michael John Douglas or often called as Michael Keaton is famous for his role as Batman or Bruce Wayne in the first years of the 1989 Batman movie. In the age old enough current 66 years, he is still actively running the profession as an actor. In addition to the profession as an actor, he is also a producer and Director. This year he was cast as the evil figures in the movie “Spider-Man: the Homecoming” i.e. Adrian Toomes/Vulture.


  1. 2018 : Dumbo, role as V.A. Vandemere
  2. 2018 : American Assassin, role as Stan Hurley
  3. 2017 : Spider-Man: Homecoming, role as The Vulture
  4. 2016 : The Founder, role as Ray Kroc
  5. 2015 : Minions, Walter Nelson (Voice)
  6. 2015 : Spotlight, role as Walter ‘Robby’ Robinson
  7. 2014 : Birdman, role as Riggan Thomson
  8. 2014 : RoboCop, role as Raymond Sellars
  9. 2014 : Need for Speed, role as Monarch
  10. 2013 : Clear History, role as Joe Stumpo
  11. 2013 : Penthouse North, role as Hollander
  12. 2012 : Noah’s Ark: The New Beginning, Noah (Voice)
  13. 2011 : Hawaiian Vacation, Ken (Voice)
  14. 2011 : Small Fry, Ken (Voice)
  15. 2010 : Toy Story 3, Ken (Voice)
  16. 2010 : The Other Guys, role as Captain Gene Mauch
  17. 2010 : Forget Me Not, role as Detective Porter
  18. 2009 : The Merry Gentleman, role as Frank Logan
  19. 2009 : Post Grad, role as Walter Malby
  20. 2007 : The Company, role as James Angleton
  21. 2006 : The Last Time, role as Ted
  22. 2006 : Cars, role as Chick Hicks (voice)
  23. 2005 : Herbie: Fully Loaded, role as Ray Peyton Sr.
  24. 2005 : White Noise, role as Jonathan Rivers
  25. 2005 : Game 6, role as Nicky Rogan
  26. 2004 : First Daughter, role as President Mackenzie
  27. 2002 : Live From Baghdad, role as Robert Wiener
  28. 2001 : Quicksand, role as Martin Raikes
  29. 2000 : A Shot at Glory, role as Peter Cameron
  30. 1998 : Desperate Measures, role as Peter McCabe
  31. 1998 : Jack Frost, role as Jack Frost
  32. 1997 : Inventing the Abbotts, role as Narrator
  33. 1997 : Jackie Brown, role as Ray Nicolette
  34. 1996 : Multiplicity, role as Doug Kinney
  35. 1994 : Speechless, role as Kevin Vallick
  36. 1994 : The Paper, role as Henry Hackett, Metro Editor New York Sun
  37. 1993 : Much Ado About Nothing, role as Constable Dogberry
  38. 1993 : My Life, role as Bob Jones
  39. 1992 : Kurenai no buta, role as Porco Rosso
  40. 1992 : Batman Returns, role as Batman (Bruce Wayne)
  41. 1991 : One Good Cop, role as Artie Lewis
  42. 1990 : Pacific Heights, role as Carter Hayes
  43. 1989 : The Dream Team, role as Billy Caufield
  44. 1989 : Batman, role as Batman/Bruce Wayne
  45. 1988 : Beetlejuice, role as Beetlejuice
  46. 1988 : Clean and Sober, role as Daryl Poynter
  47. 1987 : The Squeeze, role as Harry Berg
  48. 1986 : Touch and Go, role as Bobby Barbato
  49. 1986 : Gung Ho, role as Hunt Stevenson
  50. 1984 : Johnny Dangerously, role as Johnny Kelly
  51. 1983 : Mr. Mom, role as Jack Butler
  52. 1982 : Night Shift, role as Bill Blazejowski
  53. 1982 : Report to Murphy, role as Murphy
  54. 1979 : Working Stiffs, role as Mike O’Rourke
  55. 1979 : The Mary Tyler Moore Hour, role as Kenneth Christy
  56. 1978 : A Different Approach, role as Filmmaker
  57. 1978 : Mary, role as Skit characters
  58. 1977 : All’s Fair, role as Lanny Wolf


Also known as: Michael Keaton

Birth Name: Michael John Douglas

Birth Place: Robinson Township, Pennsylvania, United States

Birth Date/Age: 1951 September 5

Occupation: Actor, Producer and Director

Nationality: American

Father : George A. Douglas

Mother : Leona Elizabeth (Née Loftus)

Spouse/Wife : Caroline McWilliams (Married 1982; Divorce 1990)


Michael Keaton Official Website

Facebook : –

Twitter : twitter.com/michaelkeaton

Instagram: instagram.com/michaelkeatondouglas/

Google+ : –

Youtube : –

Email address: –


Michael Keaton Address

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Michael Keaton

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3532 Hayden Avenue

Culver City, CA 90232, USA

Phone number: (310) 558.3667

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9 thoughts on “Michael Keaton

  1. Dear Micheal Keaton,
    I am a big fan of yours and you are my idol. I love watching you act out characters in the movies. You where awesome in Beetlejuice I love that movie. I hope you write back to me I live on 183 depot rd. in hollis nh. Love a big fan Shantell.

  2. are you coming to the premier next year for Batman from Michelle and lady dog 🐶 xxxx💕💕❤️❤️🤩😂😂😎

  3. Dear Michael happy birthday late and love from Michelle and Ladys both xxxx 🐶😎😍😂😂🤩❤️💕❤️💕🍷

  4. I was a fan from your hone town of Pittsburgh
    But since you endorsed Joe Biden….I am no longer
    A fan . You can’t be too smart to turn off half
    Of your fans.

  5. Dear Mr. Michael Keaton,

    A hearty congratulations to you, sir! I appreciate the commitment you have made to your work and I thoroughly enjoy its effect. I am roughly the age of your son and you have played a small (but mighty) role in my life for nearly four decades. As a young boy, you instilled in me a can-do-attitude as I watched you save Gotham from Mr. Jack Nicholson. More recently, COVID gently shoved me into the role of at-home parent while your role in Mr. Mom subtly urged me to do a better job. I could speak to more, but I will not – if it pleases, may it suffice to say that I just want to thank you for your contributions. I respect the discipline it took to become as successful as you are and I commend you for a job well done! As Father’s Day approaches, I hope you’ll take a moment to pat yourself on the back for reaching out beyond your own family and touching mine.



  6. Dear Michael Keaton: my family has struggled all of our lives it me 67. Micah 47, Erica 37. And 6 grandchildren. Neither of us has ever owed a home of our own. So i wondering if you would help us. I have worked all my life just to live from pay check to paycheck. I grew without a mom or dad in an orphanage. I have survived but struggled every day. Thank you for your time

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