Lianna Grethel address
Lianna Grethel

Lianna Grethel

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Lianna Grethel address
Lianna Grethel

Lianna Grethel is a model and actress of Colombian descent born in Hartford, Connecticut, and moved to Colombia. His talent is apparently down from his mother i.e. Consuelo Portuondo a Colombia’s most successful model in his day. And also the grandfather of Enrique, Grethel Portuondo, was a Director and television host who is famous in Havana, Cuba. After taking the world of Latin entertainment Lianna Grethel had crossed into the American market, relocation to the US and starring on Deal or no Deal.


Also known as: Lianna Grethel

Birth Name: Lianna Grethel

Birth Place: Hartford, Connecticut, U.S

Birth Date/Age: 1971 June 13

Occupation: Actress and Model

Nationality: American

Father: Consuelo Portuondo

Mother: –


Spouse / Husband:


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Lianna Grethel Address

Fan Mail Address:

Lianna Grethel (ICM Partners)

10250 Constellation Blvd. 9th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90067-6209 USA

Phone Number: (310) 550.4000 – Fax Number: (310) 550.4100

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