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The famous actress who began his role in the film’s “Harry Potter’s” who else if not Emma Watson is an American actress who was born in Paris, Francis. After five years there, Emma young moved to England with her mother and sister.

Emma Watson already since childhood dreams of becoming an actress. Therefore, she trained himself in the Stagecoach Theatre arts. After practicing several years, Emma has begun to try his abilities on stage through the plays “Arthur: The Young Years and The Happy Prince “.

Her professional career began through the first movie “Harry Potter”, “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s Stone “(2001). She was cast as the smart girl and super disciplined, Hermione Granger. Since that time, Emma is believed to continue to revive the character of Hermione in the seven films including the film’s “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,”   “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,”   “Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince,”   “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I “until the last film release 2011, ” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II “. Thanks to the film Emma was awarded six ranking lists “Most Valuable Young Stars” Forbes magazine 2006 and her wealth is estimated at more than USD 20 million.

According to the results of our search of Emma Watson’s home address, some sources say she now has a home in London. However we cannot provide assurance of the actual home addresses. For more details about the address and biography, you can read the following:



Also known as: Emma Watson

Birth Name: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

Birth Place: Paris, France

Birth Date/Age: 1990 April 15

Occupation: actress, activist and model

Nationality: British

Father: Chris Watson

Mother: Jacqueline Luesby

Sibling: Alex Watson

Spouse / Husband: –

Children: –


Emma Watson Website

Facebook: fb.com/emmawatson/

Twitter: twitter.com/EmmaWatson

Instagram: instagram.com/emmawatson/

Google+: –

YouTube: –

Snap chat: –

Email address: –


Emma Watson Address

 Fan mail address

Untitled Entertainment

350 S. Beverly Dr.

Suite 200 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA

Phone number: (310) 601.2101

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  1. hi emma watson my name is my name is john henry pickett and whats your efanmail or fan mail address this this year in 2018 for autograph picture and thank you so much i had a crush on you in harry potter movies

  2. Hi Emma Watson, my name is Emily Bunn. I would love you to come to my house on January 19 because that is my birthday. But if you come you might want to wear some actual clothes because my mom doesn’t really approve of crop-tops and really short shorts so u might want to wear something like jeans and a t-shirt or something like that.

    Thank you 😍🥰

  3. Hi Emma, My name is nell Massey I am eight years old, and live with my mom,dad,bro,and sis.i really really love you!!!!!!!!!!! i want to be just like you when i grow up, you are a true inspiration! my dream is for you to show up at my birthday party ,which by the will be on August 2 2019. I really hope you decide to come. Thank you for beiing so inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember i love you

    P.S. i would love to have your autogragh!!!!!!!!!! P.P.S. i live at 93 Highland ave Metuchen NJ

  4. Hi emma , my name is Sara Felices and I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter movies,can you give me your address?

  5. Hello Emma, my name is Danny. I’m living in Barcelona in a Squat-House with my Dog Ziggy. Since the 1st Harry Potter movie i’m a fan of you. But not just of you, i’m also a big fan of your feet.

  6. Hello emma I am a huge fan. You are my idol.i would love to meet you and by the way my name is Claudia and I am 11 years old. Can you give me your email or phone number. Thank you.I love you

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