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Daeg Faerch is a Danish-Canadian actor born in San Diego, California, US on September 27, 1995. In 2008, he starred in Hancock, but he is best known for his role in the Halloween film (2007), a remake of the famous horror thriller, where Faerch plays the famous character Michael Myers as a child. He was also known during his role in the film The Accountant. Since 2004, Daeg has been listed in IMDB as having participated in 40 film titles or television series.


Also known as: Daeg Faerch

Birth Name: Daeg Neergaard Faerch

Birth Place: San Diego, California, U.S

Birth Date/Age: 1995 September 27

Occupation: Actor

Nationality: Danish, Canadian

Father: –

Mother: Mickey Faerch

Sibling: –

Spouse / Husband: –

Children: –


Daeg Faerch Website

URL: –

Facebook: facebook.com/DaegFaerch

Twitter: twitter.com/-

Instagram: instagram.com/-

Google+: –

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCUa08urU-UtJRVxZTIDTVlw/

Snap chat: –

Myspace: –

Email address: –


Daeg Faerch Address

Fanmail Address:

The Arlook Group

205 S Beverly Dr Ste 209

Beverly Hills, CA 90212 United State

Phone Number: 310.550.5714


P.O. Box 15871

San Diego, CA 92175

United State

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