Adam Levine

Adam Levine

Adam Noah Levine or Adam Levine was born in Los Angeles on March 18, 1979 of Patsy Noah and Fred Levine is known as the lead guitarist of pop rock band Maroon 5. In addition to expert in musicians who play guitar, this one is also known as a songwriter at the same time one of the founders of Maroon 5.

Levine has never been in a relationship with a woman named Jane, who became his inspiration in creating her album entitled SONGS ABOUT JANE. But in an interview, Levine revealed that both of them are simply a very close friend.

In September 2010, Levine’s rumored relationship with a model named Anne Vyalitsyna. The relationship had entwined for eight months, but finally ended.

Before joined in Maroon 5, Levine had joined a band called Kara’s Flowers. The band was formed from the friendship Levine at Brentwood School. Feel along in line, eventually resulting in the band. The year of 1997, the band launched their first debut album, titled THE FOURTH WORLD.

However, when Levine must forward the study to Five Towns College, the band was so scattered. Eventually the band’s style ever split. Sometime after that, Levine managed hook the back of his peers and established a Maroon 5 and produced her first album entitled SONGS ABOUT JANE. Along with Maroon 5, Levin is getting famous until now.

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