LeBron James Address
LeBron Raymone James

LeBron James

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LeBron James Address
LeBron Raymone James

LeBron James is an American professional basketball player who is currently the club merged with the Cleveland Cavaliers. A basketball with salary 30.96 million USD in the year 2017 has had three children named Bryce Maximus James, LeBron James Jr., James Zhuri. In the basketball team he was in the position of Small forward. Husband of Savannah Brinson has succeeded several times brought the club won the League for the NBA.


Also known as: LeBron James

Birth Name: LeBron Raymone James

Birth Place: Akron, Ohio, United States

Birth Date/Age: 1984 December 30

Occupation: Professional Basketball Player

Nationality: American

Father : Anthony McClelland

Mother : Gloria Marie James

Spouse/Wife : Savannah Brinson (Married since 2013)

LeBron James Official Website

Facebook : facebook.com/LeBron

Twitter : twitter.com/kingjames

Instagram: instagram.com/kingjames

Google+  : plus.google.com/109908435403153802108

Youtube  : –

Email address: –


LeBron James Address


  • Fan mail address

LeBron James

LRMR Management Company, LLC

3800 Embassy Parkway

Suite 360

Akron, OH 44333, USA

Phone number: (216) 771.2323


  • Another Address

LeBron James

Klutch Sports Group, LLC

50 W Broad Street

Suite 1800

Columbus, OH 43215


Since july 9 2018 he joined the Los Angeles (LA) Lakers club

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20 thoughts on “LeBron James

  1. Hello to the dynamic nba player in the whole universe, LeBron you are just sooooooooooooo fantabulous. LeBron I want to know if you would please, please, please, help my little brother. LeBron he needs help so bad and I see so much of the both of you all in each other. But please see if you can help him if he can just have someone who can mentor him, encourage him. help him before he drinks himself to death. He has found both my father and brother dead in the family house and I know for a fact that it is messing with him, I am sure that you would be some what messed up if it were, now don’t get me wrong, he has drink before, but LeBron I have never known my brother to ever drink like this. Please help us. He does not know that I am writing you and see he is not going to listen to none of his siblings, because he’s like you drink just as much as I do, but that is not true and there is a lot of you can’t tell me anything look at you. LeBron he needs help. But when you come to meet him please let me know so I can be there to see the look on his face when he meets you. LeBron please see if you can help Michael before he dies, please. Bye and hope to see you soon.

  2. Dear LeBron James,
    I am sending to you from hurghada (Red Sea- -Egypt-we love you so much. we are one of the big fans of you and really we wish that you come to us in royal academy for basketball just to take photos with you I know that you may not see what I am writing but you may also read it and come. In the end, We LOVE YOU very much whenever you win or lose you are the BEST…..

  3. Lebron James, Reach to Giannis Antetokounmpo. He is the wave of the future, and the best answer to the “Warrior’s Dream Team.”

  4. i am a big fan. i am only a ten year old girl, but i never miss a cavs game. i am upset that you are moving to the lakers because i live in ohio. the cavs will lose without you but i am happy for you. can yuo please email me back at annabelleshilling@gmail.com

  5. Lebron James, is my Idol in basketball… thanks for inspiring many kids and teens for that amazing sport. BASKETBALL. Please? try to visit philippines and promote ur Basketball technique. more power Lebron James!

  6. LeBron, God bless you and your family!!! I know you have not entertained the idea of running for president, but if you do (and please do!) I want to be on your campaign team. You are exactly what this country needs to bring light and sunshine and promise and goodness into our society in a way that has yet to be seen. People’s hearts would be lifted, our communities would be lifted, and a ripple effect of your “I Promise” philosophy would send waves through the world…….Thank you LeBron, for caring. We white people love you too!!!!!!

  7. I am a grandmother who has watched you grow up from a great young basketball player to a truly great American Hero. You have showed the world what true greatness is and how much good can be done with it, Ignore foolish comments by truly foolish (only would be great) presidents.

  8. I am a male,white “senior” basketball fan. What you do on the court is the greatest. But what you are doing off the court is even greater. You and many other professional athletes deserve recognition for what you do for many communities. Don’t let one person’s words ever stop you from doing the right thing the right way. A man’s worth is not measured by what he has, but by who he is.

  9. Mr. James,
    I am hoping you can contact me regarding a friend I have who is a motivational speaker to schools in the inner city and basically to any school. He mentioned your name today to get in contact with as he has a great vision that you would not want to miss for these kids. He doesn’t want any credit, he just wanted to have a phone call with you. I’m hoping you somehow get this because you wouldn’t want to miss what this man has to say. He is amazing and I hope you could give him one phone call!

  10. Dear Mr. LeBron James,
    You are an inspiration to young and old alike. Please know that most Americans support you in your efforts to make life better for the disenfranchised. Thank you so much for all you do

  11. Hi LeBron,
    You are a respectable human being. When I look and hear about all the great stuff you do…I’m like, “May he always continue to be blessed in his heart to do such positive things in this world.” You are an example: (not just the youth) as to what is to be an influencer, a true LEADER! Many of us get stuck on our where we grew up but where you grew up doesn’t define who you want to be/ who you are now. You have it all, but what is most resilient is how you came about it… from the streets of Ohio to how you carry yourself and how you give back to the community. By giving back I just don’t mean money wise, I mean how you control your brand and how you built a credible reputation for yourself – that is just amazing. You are a classy man who is passionate about what he does and how he goes about it. Well done and hope you continue to being that inspiration and example to all.

  12. I hope you received my son’s book – MLKJ – the Seminarian. We sent one to Lebron and one to the Foundation. Please confirm.

  13. Hi LeBron I want to build a gym in my city…. We have nowhere for the youth to play or work on basketball skills… I want to change that!!! Can you help me change my small city to something big with just a simple gym we all can make memories and dreams come true. We have a lot of talent but no place for the kids to go out and work on their game

  14. Hi Lebron, like billions of people around the world, we love you! I have a special group of math students who think you’re ‘one of a kind’. In an intensive math review session to keep the morale of my students up we play a game called Celebrity Attack. Where my students choose one celebrity to mark off the game board as they solve math problems correctly. The last celebrity standing on the board is our celebrity of the day. With out fail, YOU are our last celebrity standing every time we play this game! You have inspired my students to learn math. So thank you for that! I have a game board showing the pictures of all the celebrity faces’ and your picture is always the one remaining unmarked at the end of every game! (I’d love to share the picture with you! If you can, please send me a email address that I could send the picture to.) Thanks, Mrs. Grubbs 5th grade teacher

  15. bjr,
    mon fils Damien est agé de 14 ans depuis plusieurs années il est fan de vous . Je lui ai offert votre maillot avec votre nom.Je lui ai proposé un stage de basket cet été mais comme dans le collège ou il va aller il n’y a pas de section basket il a refusé il passe ses journées a jouer au basket est fou de sa . J’aimerai un jour si c possible réaliser le rève d’un enfant juste vous rencontrer et jouer un instant au basket avec vous . Je sais que son rève de vous rencontrer et le mien n’est pas possible mais il n’est juste qu’un enfant et je voudrais réaliser son rève comme certains croient au père noel lui croit un jour en vous espérant pouvoir un jour le réaliser juste pour voir ses yeux briller de bonheur

  16. Letter for Mr. lebron James from a mother:
    Ms. Yamila Boumedienne
    Ave. 44 No. 3505 e/ 35 & 37, Playa. Havana, Cuba
    Tel- +537-209-4788 (home)
    Cell- +535-330-5423 (private)
    Work- +537-212-5895 / 212-5894
    E-mail: menjie101299@gmail.com

    Havana, 1st September 2018

    Object: Request for help for a talented deprived daughter.

    Dear Mr. Lebron James,

    First of all, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Yamila Boumedienne. I’m a Cuban national; though with African origin (Congolese father).I currently work as Bilingual Executive Assistant at the Embassy of Barbados in Havana, Cuba.
    My daughter, Menjalah Thomas, has recently completed her studies of higher education in violin at the National School of Arts/School of Music of Havana and due to outstanding audition performances has been admitted at various US Universities to study the Music Performance career. In this regard, she has also been granted some monetary scholarships but, unfortunately, these financial grants do not cover all education fees (Please find documents attached).
    As her Mom I feel very proud of her and humbly thank God. She has been devoted to her vocation for the music since childhood. And, though she is only 18 years old, she is very focused in her goals in life.
    I’m aware that you are a person very committed to help others, especially by sharing and giving your kind support to talented youngsters; therefore, I hereby humbly request your kind support and/or sponsorship to my daughter’s career. Any contribution, any assistance provided would be very much appreciated. Needless to say, I will be eternally grateful to you.
    Likewise, I would like to convey to you my heartfelt appreciation in advance, particularly for the time you will spend reading this letter and the attention you will give to my request. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    With best regards,

    Yamila Boumédienne

  17. Nitza Torres

    My daughter is a huge fan of Lebron James, I sent a letter to the headquarters in Cleveland Ohio. To see If Lebron is able to record a massage to be played at my daughter sweet fifteen. As a mother I am trying to make the day as special as possible. By having a autograph and a video recording from Lebron James it will make my daughter the special day she deserve. Lebron James inspire my daughter to played basketball, she watches all of the game either the day of or the next day. Her dream is to meet Lebron James.
    If you guys could help a desperate mom and having at least 50% of my daughter dream come true. It will be grandly appreciate.

  18. You are coming to Orlando on Nov. 17 and I have a huge favor to ask. I have an 11 year old granddaughter that is adopted from Guatemala and she is a huge fan of yours. She wears your sneakers and watches all your games on TV. We got her a ticket to the game and was wondering if there is any way that she might meet you. It would mean the world to her. We would look forward to your response. Thanking you in advance and God Bless.

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